Azamet Pro

Azamet Pro is a division of Azamet Holding.
Using natural ingredients donated by nature, we produce products that are useful for people, animals, and the environment.

Since 2008, steadily and steadily developing, the company has invested in the development of innovative activities for the Republic of Moldova: processing of waste viticulture and winemaking , creating a completely waste-free environmentally friendly production based on natural plant materials.

The company is known in Asia and Europe as a supplier of high-quality natural ingredients for secondary production.

Azamet Pro activities are:

  • Production of cold pressed oils from grape seeds, walnut, pumpkin seeds, milk thistle seeds, and hemp seeds.

  • Processing and sale of grape seeds as raw materials for the production of plant extract (95% polyphenol).

  • Processing and sale of grape seeds as a raw material for the production of warming pillows with natural fillers.

  • Production of gluten-free flour from grape and pumpkin seeds.

  • Supply of organic animal feed on the basis of grape pomace and other vegetable raw materials.

  • Production of products under own brand.

Production is located in the South of the Republic of Moldova, in Gagauzia ATO.

Bioteca TM, under which ready-to-use products are produced and sold, are:

In addition, the company supplies organic animal feeds based on the grape squeeze and other vegetable raw materials.