Bioteca en

Improving the quality of life

Manufacturing natural healthy foods

Natural cold pressed oils.

Bioteca – is a family owned business, where products are produced in small batches, quality and a natural taste are priorities.

Our oils are produced without the use of high temperatures and chemicals. This allows you to preserve the rich taste, natural structure and useful properties of the oil.

The main advantages of Bioteca oils are:

  • Cold pressing, preserves natural vitamins and nutrients

  • Production without chemical extraction, free of chemicals, and diluents

  • Free of harmful additives free of colorants, preservatives & aromatizers

  • Highest quality achieved due to carefully selected raw materials and commitment to the technology

  • Distinct and authentic flavor creates tasty and balanced dishes

  • Health improvement and immune boosting

The main ingredients used are grape seeds, walnut, pumpkin seeds, milk thistle seeds,hemp seeds.Products are exported to Europe and China.

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