Joint investment in the brands’ promotion

Our model of joint investments in the brand promotion is built upon the constructive interaction between the manufacturer and the distributor.

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Azamet Grup company

  • In the first half of 2019 we have taken 1-st place on imports of confectionery goods to the Republic of Moldova.
  • To take over and consolidate the leading position in the imported confectionery products market in the Republic of Moldova.
  • Keep the status of a reliable link in the value chain between the manufacturer and the consumer.
  • We develop trademarks of partner manufacturers within the Republic of Moldova.
  • We are a significant, reliable link from the manufacturer to the consumer, providing the highest possible confectionery products market demands satisfaction.
  • We ensure a consistently high level of representation and sales within the Republic of Moldova for partner manufacturers
  • Our key customers are all food distribution channels.
  • We provide the population of the Republic of Moldova with quality products from natural raw materials.
  • Our clients have the opportunity to profit from the sale of high-turnover goods with a cost-effective mark-up.
  • Partners manufacturers – cooperation to develop a potential market, increase brand awareness, and generate additional income.
  • Through the established system of direct distribution throughout the territory of the Republic of Moldova.
  • Due to the system of effective logistics, brand marketing and the sales process support, competitive pricing (low price/cost strategy), balanced assortment, quick and effective response to requests and changing market demands, with the help of a team of professionals focused on maximum results and success.

We develop brands on the Moldovan market



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