The company name translated from ancient Turkic means “magnificent”, “majestic” and fully corresponds to the aspirations and strategy of its development.

Azamet Grup
  • September 2007 

    Foundation of Azamet Grup, beginning of importing company activity in the southern part of the republic, in the city of Ceadir-Lunga;

  • February 2008 

    Opening of a branch in Chisinau. The beginning of an active distribution activities period in the southern and in the central parts of the country;

  • June 2010

    The introduction of own trading team in the northern part of the republic, transfer to the category of a republican distribution company that carries out direct distribution throughout Moldova.

  • August 2015

    Reorganization of business by division, the appearance of legally independent business units – Azamet-Grup, Azamet Pro, Azamet Plus. Allocation of the management company Azamet Holding.

  • January 2011 

     The beginning of a joint development  project with consultants from Germany regarding own production

  • February 2013

    First sales of own products BIOTECA;

  • January 2019

    Rebranding and range development

  • June 2008

    Establishment of first Andy’s Pizza restaurant under the franchising agreement in Cahul;

  • August 2011 

    Establishment of Andy’s Pizza restaurant in Comrat;

  • September 2014

    Establishment of third Andy’s Pizza restaurant in the city of Ceadir-Lunga;

The beginning of export to France and Italy

Our export portfolio is extended with two new destinations: in the first quarter we signed contracts and shipped products to France and Italy.

Updated the of design Andy’s Pizza restaurant in Cahul

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New exclusive contracts in Moldova

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