New exclusive contracts in Moldova

RIF Company, Valle Trade Mark

In May, 2018, we started working with the RIF company and the Valle Trade Mark. The company RIF is among the leaders of cereal bars with dried fruits and nuts production in Ukraine. Products are manufactured using modern high-tech equipment, in accordance with European quality standards. Cereal bars from Valle TM is a delicious and healthy product, designed for people who look after their health and weight.


KBF LLC, Lord Trade Mark

In June 2018, we started working with KBF LLC and Lord TM.

KBF LLC specializes in the production of rolls, mini biscuits, wafers, as well as sugar cookies in the form of sandwiches. The given production differs from the rivals by affordable prices at high quality.


DN Klasik company, Maria Trade Mark.

Since March, 2018 we started working with DN Klasik company and Maria TM. We have expanded our range of candies with a line of dried fruits in chocolate with whole walnuts.