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Walnut oil

Project Description

Walnut oil chemical composition

Walnut oil contains maximal quantity of vitamins (А, D, Е, К, C, P, PP), carotinoids, tocopherols, vitamins of group B, micro- and macro-elements (zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, selenium, iron, cobalt, etc.), antioxidants, biologically active components, coenzyme Q10 and polyunsaturated fatty acids. They are crucial for health of liver, heart, human brain. Ratio of fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6 in the walnut oil is ideal, namely, 1:4. Application of the walnut oil which contains fatty acids (Omega 3 and Omega 6) while keeping a diet is necessary for vitamins (А, D, Е, К) assimilation by a human body, since these vitamins are hardly assimilated without fats. Thus, the walnut oil is an indispensable product for maximal vitamin assimilation. Physicians recommend to use the oil during rehabilitation period.



  • A walnut oil stimulates weight loss and improves digestive system activity;
  • Improvement of immunity, human body resistivity during season of respiratory diseases activity;
  • Restoration of a human body during rehabilitation period;
  • The oil is necessary and is recommended to old people which suffer from high blood-pressure, atherosclerosis, heart ischemia and overt diabetes;
  • It demonstrates positive results in case of treatment  of chronic hepatitis, acidity and hyperfunctioning of thyroid gland;
  • Purification of a human body from radionuclides;
  • It demonstrates antineoplastic activity.


Mode of application

  • The oil is an extraordinary ingredient of sauces and salad dressings;
  • The oil adds an extremely rich flavor to fresh salads, especially if pieces of a walnut kernel are added to the salad;
  • It can be supplemented to meat dishes in order to add some light nutty flavor to the dish;
  • It ideally matches fried or baked fish dishes;
  • It is also recommended for cooking desserts.
  • Expiration date 365.0 days
  • Application Food
  • Volume 250.0 ml
  • Packaging Glass container
  • Fats 99.6 %
  • Composition Walnut oil
  • Nutrition value 896.0 kcal

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